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This is Marston's typical bounty hunter clothing.

In-game description

The Cowboy Outfit is the default outfit available for Marston in Red Dead Redemption and its expansion pack, Undead Nightmare. It is also featured as an optional outfit in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The Cowboy outfit worn by John Marston is a long-sleeved beige shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black denim jacket with the sleeves cut off to the shoulders, black gloves, a satchel that lays on his right side, and pin-striped pants that are worn over the boots.

It is the only outfit available to Marston at the beginning of Redemption. It is replaced by the Rancher Outfit following the mission "The Outlaw's Return".

It is the only outfit to receive significant re-design following the final storyline mission; when playing as Jack Marston during the game's epilogue, the outfit changes to a beige jacket worn over a plain white shirt with a red neckerchief around Jack's neck, and tighter, darker pants tucked into the boots.

As with most standard outfits, the Cowboy Outfit doesn't give Marston any in-game bonuses or benefits when worn.

In the Undead Nightmare expansion pack, John's Cowboy Outfit is replaced by the Undead Cowboy Outfit following completion of the main storyline. Thus, it cannot be worn following the mission "On A Pale Horse".


Red Dead Redemption

John's version
Jack's version

Undead Nightmare

The Cowboy Outfit is automatically unlocked for use following the completion of the mission "Love in the Time of Plague".

Red Dead Redemption II

The Redemption 2 rendition of the Cowboy Outfit can be unlocked following the mission "Motherhood", and like all modular outfits in the game can be customized with other articles of clothing.



  • In a Q&A section with Rockstar Games, it was stated that the style of hat Marston wears is a Light Center Crease, Modified-Cattleman.[citation needed]
  • In the epilogue of Redemption II, John dons a similar outfit under the name "The Cowboy", however, there are some differences.
    • The shirt is an off white cashmere shirt while in Redemption the shirt is a dark beige work shirt.
    • His pants aren't as baggy as in Red Dead Redemption.
    • Instead of a regular belt with a buckle, he wears a large bullet belt sideways.
    • His vest is permanently buttoned up at the bottom.
    • He has a much different pistol belt and holster in Redemption 2.
    • The pockets on the vest are slimmer in Redemption 2.
    • He wears white suspenders instead of a belt in Redemption 2.
    • The hat of the outfit now has stitching along the left side and the black band now has a tie on the right side.
  • This outfit bears a number of similarities to the one Tector Gorch wears in the 1969 Western "The Wild Bunch"[1], which Red Dead Redemption was heavily influenced by. Both men wear a dark jacket with the sleeves cut off, a light shirt, dark pants, and a black hat.
  • Arthur's default outfit appears to be inspired by Jack's cowboy outfit, right down to having his pants tucked into his boots and wearing a similar beige jacket.
  • The Duster Coat, Mexican Poncho, Bandito, Bollard Twins, Reyes' Rebels, and Walton's Gang outfits are all minor variations of John Marston's Cowboy Outfit.


  • Part of the Outlaw Pass No. 2, the beta Redemption 2 version of the outfit is available to RDO players under the name "The Clelland".
  • In 2, the extra ammo belt of this outfit cannot be worn at will, but after equipping the entire outfit the belt will stay on if any clothing is changed. However, it disappears if any vest (including the gunslinger vest outside of the entire outfit) is worn.


Red Dead Redemption

Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption 2

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