I would've offered you more than that but some gang of ruffians has done... uhh... uh... I didn't know?

Curly Shaw

"Curly" Shaw is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


"Curly" is a traveling merchant who operates in the dangerous territory surrounding Brimstone. Ralph Clover, proprietor of the General Store in Brimstone, views Mr. Shaw as a threat and wrote a letter to Sheriff Bartlett suggesting that Curly's low prices are only possible because he gets his merchandise from thieves.


Red Dead Revolver

Red Harlow first meets Curly upon his arrival in Twin Rocks during the mission "Bounty Hunter". Their transaction is cut short by the appearance of Bloody Tom's gang. At the end of the mission, Red claims Curly's wagon in order to haul his bounty cargo to Widow's Patch to collect his reward. Red's transaction with Curly represents the first Shop interface the player experiences during the game.

Red encounters Curly again while traveling through Rogue Valley. Curly shows Red a shortcut past a mass of rocks. Depending on the player's approach in this section, Curly may be knocked out by snipers. If Red deals with the snipers before they can take out the merchant, Curly will give Red $1500 for his troubles.

Showdown Mode

Curly is unlocked as a playable character in Showdown Mode by either completing the mission "Bounty Hunter" on Bounty Hunter Mode or by purchasing the Open Sign.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Curly Shaw is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 202 - 203 under the Citizens of the Wilderness section. The pages are unlocked by completing "Bounty Hunter" on Bounty Hunter Mode or purchasing the Open Sign.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Revolver


  • If the player saves Curly from the sniper, the player can subsequently shoot him. If he is only wounded, Curly will fight back.
  • If the player does not succeed in saving Curly, sleeping 'z' symbols can be seen rising from him, indicating that he was only knocked out, not killed.
  • Curly's name may be a direct reference to that of ranch boss' son "Curly" in the John Steinbeck novel "Of Mice and Men", also sharing some of his mannerisms and physical appearances.


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