You don't hire a saint to catch sinners.
Sheriff Malloy

Sheriff Curtis Malloy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The sheriff of Valentine, Curtis Malloy seems to take his job seriously and appears to be a just and law abiding man who wants to keep his territory safe. He is aware of the many issues around the town and seems to keep things handled for the most part. He has several deputies, all of whom seem to take their job seriously and act professional.

Sheriff Malloy had a romantic affair with a married woman named Moira Calthorpe and seen talking to a her on a few occasions.

He can later be heard having a argument with Moira on the second floor of the sheriff's office, where she demands an end to their relationship and continually insults him. Sounds of someone being strangled can be heard in the room immediately thereafter and Moira is not seen again, suggesting that Sheriff Malloy killed her.

Curtis Malloy maintains his position as Valentine's sheriff by 1907.


The player can collect two bounties from him: Benedict Allbright and Ellie Anne Swan. After the latter is delivered to him, Sheriff Malloy says that he will take a break from posting bounties in order to take care of law and order on the streets.

Aside from this, the player can also turn in the Killer Prostitute to him. He is grateful and will reward the player $12 for their efforts. Sometime later, she is publicly hanged in the town, and Sheriff Malloy announces her crimes on the gallows before ordering the floor to be released.

Additionally, the player can also take the serial killer Edmund Lowry Jr. to him. When Edmund is untied, Malloy takes him into a jail cell, but Edmund attacks him. With Sheriff Malloy on the ground trying to defend himself, the player can kill Edmund and be rewarded $20 by Curtis, or refrain from doing anything, in which case, Sheriff Malloy eventually manages to kill Lowry Jr. himself, and the player will not be rewarded with anything.

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  • He shares a surname with Quinn Malloy; an unaffiliated criminal.
  • He has two family members named Molly and Victoria (Victoria was his mother as stated on her tombstone), who unfortunately passed away. Their graves can be found by the Valentine church.


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