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I can cure anything but the plague.

Dr. Cyril Purvis, M.D.

Dr. Cyril Purvis, M.D. is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Dr. Purvis is the resident physician in Blackwater. His parents, David and Muriel Purvis, who both died in 1902, are buried at the Blackwater cemetery.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

The player can buy medical supplies from him in the Blackwater Doctor's Office, as well as sell certain items.


  • His last name may be a reference to Melvin Purvis, a prominent FBI agent during the "Public Enemy" era known for his pursuit of many outlaws such as Lester Gillis ("Baby Face Nelson") and John Dillinger, as well as the killing of Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd.
  • Cyril is embroiled in a controversy after charging gawkers to see a record-setting tapeworm he removed from the stomach of an 11-year-old girl. The girl's mother argues that the tapeworm, having gestated within the girl for nearly 3 years, is "tantamount to a biological granddaughter." As such, she believes that any money made by Purvis is actually hers, to which he responded: "There's only one true parasite in this whole charade."
  • If the player looks closely at his degrees on the wall of his office with a sniper rifle or binoculars, it appears that he received his medical training or education at both Northern Michigan University and Park University.
  • Both he and Francis Gallagher have a Phrenology Bust in their offices.