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The D.D. Packenbush Repeating Arms Co., commonly shortened as D.D.P., is a weapon manufacture company featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The company was established prior to 1898 by D.D. Packenbush. By 1899, its products are available for purchase in almost every gun store across the United States.

Events of Red Dead Online

The company's weapons can be bought at any gun store or by using the handheld catalogue.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

A certain range of the company's weapons can be bought at any gun store.

The Double-barreled Shotgun is unlocked automatically by completing "Paying a Social Call".

The Double-action Revolver can also be obtained by looting a lockbox in Lonnie's Shack.

However, the company's Rare Shotgun can only be obtained by stealing it from the Hermit.

Customized variations of the company's weapons, such as Micah's Revolver can also be obtained.


Name Image Availability
Double-action Revolver
DOUBLE-ACTION REVOLVER RDR2 Wheeler Rawson and Co.png
$127.00 (Online)
LeMat Revolver
Lemat Revolver RDR2 Wheeler Rawson and Co.png
Double-barreled Shotgun
DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN RDR2 Wheeler Rawson and Co.png
$185.00 (Online)
Rare Shotgun (Online only)
Rare Shotgun Catalog.jpg


  • Adverts for the company can be seen in Red Dead Redemption, although no weapons explicitly made by the company are found in game.