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The Dakota River is a river in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online crossing much of the Ambarino territory, Big Valley region of West Elizabeth, and Cumberland Forest and The Heartlands region of New Hanover.


Its northern point empties into Calumet Ravine in Grizzlies East, winding down and making up the border between Grizzlies East and Cumberland Forest; Cumberland Forest and Grizzlies West; Grizzlies West and The Heartlands, and The Heartlands and Big Valley before joining with Flat Iron Lake to the south.

It is the longest river in the game but also the varied. Waters near the Grizzlies territory are often deep and uncrossable and its currents strong, while near the New Hanover territory are more shallow for horses to travel and occasionally, a good area to catch different kinds of river fish.


Grizzlies West/Cumberland Forest border

  • At the bend in the river is a rope bridge. A ledge extends above close by, and atop this ledge is the Rock Carving Coordinates.
  • Southeast of this location is Six Point Cabin. Ginseng Elixir can be found in the lockbox on the kitchen sink, while the Cigarette Card for the Otis Miller Boys can be found in the back of the blue wagon slightly to the east.
  • From this location to the southwest can be found a cliff. At the edge of this cliff is the Cumberland Forest Six Point Overlook Bone.

Grizzlies West/The Heartlands border

  • Along the northern section, southeast of Clawson's Rest, the Grizzlies Rock Wall Bone can be found at the base of a cliff.
  • South of this location and across the river, the Heartlands Northern Boundary Bone can be found atop a cliff, close to the edge.
  • East of Valentine is an island in the river that hides Ginseng Elixir in the bushes at the foot of a dead tree.

The Heartlands/Big Valley border

  • North of Diablo Ridge and over the river is a crashed wagon beneath a bridge. Inside is a lockbox containing Kentucky Bourbon, money, and revolver cartridges.
  • Due east of the lockbox is the Heartlands Cliff Face Bone, at the base of the cliff.
  • Southeast of the bone on the one of the narrow islands is Valerian Root tonic by a large rock.