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Colonel Daren is a major character and the tertiary antagonist of Red Dead Revolver.


Colonel Daren is General Diego's right hand man.


Diego sent Daren and some members of his army to kill the Harlow family. Daren succeeded in killing Nate Harlow and his wife, but Nate's son, Red Harlow, took his father's burned Scorpion Revolver and shot off Daren's arm.

After Daren loses his left arm, Diego paid out of his own pocket to have it replaced with a compact, shoulder-mounted mortar.

Later, when Red grew up and became a bounty hunter, Daren captures him after Red ambushes Diego's armored stagecoach. When Red escapes with the help of Shadow Wolf and the two assault Fort Diego, Colonel Daren arrived with his men, which were killed, and mortally wounds Shadow Wolf after a short battle.

Daren was killed in single combat by Red. Red took Shadow Wolf's knife and stabbed the deceased Daren in the chest.

Showdown Mode

After completing the level Fort Diego with an Excellent rating, Daren becomes available as a playable character in Showdown Mode.

Mission Appearances

Red Dead Revolver


  • He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Renegade Army section.
  • Daren is very tall. When the player moves Red Harlow next to Daren during their gunfight at the Fortress, you will notice a large height difference. His height would be estimated at around two meters, however, his exact height is unknown.
  • His name is never said in the game's dialogue.
  • If selected as the fourth player in the Showdown Mode, Daren will wear a Union soldier uniform.


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