Daren Ward is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Daren Ward is one of the U.S. Marshals that can be selected in the Outfitter. The Marshals category was unlocked without restrictions by Rockstar Games on October 1, 2010 on all systems.


  • "So, you a bumpler or a boogler?"
  • "Just keep shooting arrows in the apples."
  • "They filming a motion picture? So many actors here."
  • "Where's the camera? This is a motion picture set, right?"
  • "Crossfield smells smoother than you!"'
  • "You ain't worth a rat's ass!"


  • Originally intended as a reward for a collective Multiplayer Social Club Challenge called I Shot the Sheriff, which has since been scrapped.
  • He he uses the same quotes as Leon Cornwell.
  • He shares the same character model with Guy Crossfield.
  • He may have been modeled after Pat Garrett, based on his famous photo.


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