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Your honor has dropped low enough that a dark horse has responded to your whistle. If your honor goes back to neutral or above, you will lose this rare mount.
In-game description upon attaining the Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse is a special horse breed featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Dark Horse has a slick black body, white face and muzzle, and blood red eyes. Its body is covered with unexplained scars and wounds.

While it has an average speed on par with most mid-tier horse breeds, the Dark Horse is notable for not losing speed if it runs off-road. Its health and stamina are also noted for being higher than most horse breeds, making it a durable mount in combat.


The Dark Horse is a unique horse breed that is first appears available for Marston if his Honor drops to “Road Agent”. If the player's honor rises to “Drifter”, this horse will disappear. Should the player whistle while not having any other horse called, the Dark Horse will arrive as Marston's mount. If it dies, the Dark Horse will respawn after an in-game day.

Even when saved at a hitching post, this Mount will not appear if the player's honor is too high.


  • Setting up a campsite then traveling from it may glitch the Dark Horse, causing it to lose its saddle and act like a wild horse. When the player whistles, a saddled Dark Horse appears.
  • If the Dark Horse is used in a mission where another character has to be followed on horseback, depending on how fast the character rides, the Dark Horse will not be able to keep up.
  • The Dark Horse bears a resemblance to Baylock, Micah Bell's horse from Red Dead Redemption 2.



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