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No politics is politics.
MacGuire's saying, according to Sean[1]

Darragh MacGuire is a minor character mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Darragh MacGuire was a well-known Fenian outlaw who spent his time in both Ireland and North America agitating for the cause of Irish independence. In 1860, he was involved in a Fenian uprising in County Galway, burning down three sizeable properties and consequently leaving many dead. To escape capture, he fled to Canada, where he was part of a Fenian raid near Niagara Falls which left eight people dead.[2]

MacGuire later returned to Ireland and became a prominent figure in Irish republican politics - despite being a wanted man. He waged a campaign against "the parasitic aristocracy of Ireland", targeting landowners, farmers, and disrupting day-to-day living.[2] At some stage, he also fathered a son, whom he named Sean. The young boy was raised in Donegal, presumably by his father.

Due to MacGuire's infamy, British government agents began pursuing him. They eventually tracked him to a farmhouse in Clifden, western Ireland, but he managed to evade them and fled to the United States. The manhunt continued, and Darragh MacGuire was eventually shot dead by British agents in the city of Boston, in June 1889.[2]


  • The exact circumstances of Darragh MacGuire's death are unknown. Sean states that his father was killed "in his bed",[3] but the newspaper clipping states that he was slain in a gunfight instead and brushes off reports by his family that he was killed in his sleep as being "Fenian propaganda" that was denied by the witnesses. However, the newspaper as a whole is written with a considerable bias in favour of the killing, meaning that its explanation of MacGuire's death may be incorrect.
  • Despite Sean's surname generally being spelled "MacGuire", Darragh's surname is only ever spelled "Macguire" in the newspaper clipping about him.


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