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Poker builds character.
Davey Callander on poker

Davey Callander is a minor, deceased character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



At some point prior to 1899, Davey and his brother Mac joined the Van der Linde gang. Davey appears to have been an avid drinker and poker player, based on various comments from Arthur Morgan[1] and Hosea Matthews.[2]

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter Chapter

Davey was mortally wounded during the failed ferry robbery in Blackwater after sustaining a gunshot wound to the gut.[3] As the gang flees north into Grizzlies West, Davey barely clings onto life, and passes away shortly after the group reaches Colter. Micah is informed of Davey's death and is regretful, describing him as "a real fighter".

Beaver Hollow Chapter

When Arthur reveals to Charles that he is sick and dying, Charles tells Arthur that he has the chance to make amends, unlike many of the other gang members, including Mac and Davey. He goes on to say that the brothers were a “vicious pair of bastards”, and that's all they ever were and will be.

In a random encounter with a patrol of Pinkerton Agents that the player can have as Arthur Morgan in the area South of Annesburg during this chapter, a Pinkerton agent can be overheard shouting out "You're about to join those Callander Brothers [in death]" while the Pinkertons try to shoot Morgan. This implies that the Pinkertons have somehow learnt that Davey has died after the gang's escape from Blackwater.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Davey's grave can be found in Colter, in a small graveyard next to one of the houses. The player can pay their respects to earn the paying respects Achievement/Trophy.
  • After the opening cutscene, Davey's corpse will be marked on the map.
    • Despite this, Davey's grave can be found in that same mission, immediately after the cutscene. This is likely a developer oversight.
  • Lenny and Charles are the only members of the gang to imply any dislike of the Callander brothers. Every other member of the gang, including Hosea,[4] appears to be regretful of their deaths:
    • Mrs. Grimshaw in a campfire conversation mentions that she is "sad" that Davey was killed.
    • Karen in a conversation with Sean teases him that while "I miss the Callander boys, [and] I miss Jenny", she was happy that he (Sean) vanished during the Blackwater robbery.[5] At a different point she states that while she used to constantly yell at Davey and his brother - who were constantly making noise - to shut up, now that they are gone, she misses doing so.
    • Bill in a random conversation with Sean states with a positive undertone that Davey and his brother were "something else" and that he will "miss 'em"[6]
    • Sean in random conversations with Dutch and the aforementioned conversation with Bill demonstrates an appreciative attitude towards Davey, telling Dutch that it is "a shame" what happened to Davey (i.e. that he was killed) and telling Bill that he will miss Davey and Mac too, while sharing a toast to their two fallen friends.
    • Uncle in a camp table chat with Bill generally displays positive feelings towards Davey and his brother.
  • During a poker game with Lenny, Arthur can mention that Davey once said that "poker builds character".
  • The surname "Callander" is of Scottish origin, suggesting that Davey and Mac may have Scottish heritage.
  • The name "Davey" comes from Hebrew and means "beloved".



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