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Davey Callander is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



At some point, Davey and his brother Mac joined the Van der Linde gang. Charles describes both of them as a "pair of vicious bastards".

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter Chapter

Davey is shot and mortally wounded during the failed ferry robbery in Blackwater. As the gang make their way through the Grizzlies, Davey barely clings on to life. He passes away shortly after the group reach Colter.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

When Arthur reveals to Charles that he is sick and dying, Charles tells Arthur that he has the chance to make amends, unlike many of the other gang members, including Mac and Davey, saying that the brothers were a “vicious pair of bastards” and that’s all they ever were and will be.

Mission appearances


  • Davey's grave can be found in Colter, in a small graveyard next to one of the houses, the player can inspect it to earn the paying respects Achievement/Trophy.
  • After the opening cut scene his body will be marked on the map.