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Davies Brothers Superior Livestock Dealers also known as the Clemes Cove Horse Fence, is a business featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



It is located at Clemens Cove and is operated by the twin-brothers Clay and Clive Davies. Their business consists of illegally smuggling horses and other livestock out of the state.

Events of Red Dead Online

In "Honor Among Horse Thieves", Clay Davies tasks the player to steal a horse from a nearby ranch. Afterward, he tells them they'd be able to accept more stolen horses at some point later before gifting them one of the stolen horses as a sign of "future business".

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

After Arthur Morgan, Javier, and John steal prized horses from Braithwaites on behalf of the Grays, they ride out to meet up with him near Clemens Cove.

Clay introduces himself and his brother to the three Van der Linde gang members and claims he can only pay them $650. The trio initially refuses as they were promised $5,000 for the horses, but Clay then says that he likes them well enough and proposes $700 as a final offer, warning that if they do not accept then they can try their luck in town and likely get hanged for horse theft. The three choose to accept the money and Clay takes the horses into the pen. After this, the player can sell horses to Clay. He pays more for stolen horses, but considerably less for purchased ones.

Later, Arthur can return with Uncle to sell them cattle that they managed to rustle from Hill Haven Ranch. Clay will initially offer only $50 but will compromise by giving the pair $100.


  • The twins misspelled their business' name as "Davies Brotherƨ Superor Livestock Deelers" on the canvas of their nearby wagon.
  • If a camper is settled near the horse fence, the player may perform a glitch to get potentially-infinite money. This can only happen if said camper is non-hostile, even if provoked, which is a rare glitch in itself. Usually, when fencing a horse, Clive will get on it, and he and the horse will disappear. However, selling the camper's horse will despawn Clive, but not the horse. Afterward, the player can re-acquire the horse and sell it again an unlimited number of times.