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Dear Uncle Tacitus is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

Arthur heads for Shady Belle to try to track down the rest of the gang.


Arthur boards the boat heading from Guarma back to the United States, and arrives in Van Horn Trading Post. He takes a hitched Hungarian Half-Bred on the street, and rides to Shady Belle to find out where the Van der Linde gang have gone. Upon arriving at Shady Belle, Arthur finds a letter in one of the first floor rooms written by "Caroline" (Sadie Adler), that tells Arthur to travel to Lakay, a small town north of Saint Denis. However, after Arthur reads the letter, Pinkertons arrive looking for any signs of the gang. Arthur manages to sneak past them or murder them and gets back on the horse and rides to Lakay.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Leave Shady Belle without being detected by the Pinkertons.
  • Complete within 8 minutes.


  • Bunter (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur during his exit from Shady Belle.
  • Johns (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur during his exit from Shady Belle.
  • Orly (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur during his exit from Shady Belle.
  • Unnamed Pinkerton Agent (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur during his exit from Shady Belle.

Video walkthrough


  • Once Arthur returns from Guarma his face will then look pale and have bags under his eyes, as his sickness progresses.
  • Arthur will have around $450 dollars in his possession after returning from Guarma.


  • The player can skip most of this mission by heading straight for Lakay instead of going to Shady Belle.
  • It is possible to save the Guarma outfit after the mission. The player must head to the general store during the mission, buy any hat and save it as a "custom outfit" along the attire.
  • The song that plays in the background while Arthur is riding back to Shady Belle is an extended version of "Unshaken" by D'Angelo. The original version can be heard in The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack.
  • If the player heads to the Old Light Saloon, the missing person poster of Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister posted outside of it will be replaced with the bounty poster for Benedict Allbright. This is the only time in the game when Albright's poster can be observed on a wall, outside of his bounty hunting mission.
  • If Arthur waits long enough and doesn't read Sadie's letter, one of the Pinkerton agents can be seen and heard reading the letter.[1]
  • If Arthur takes too long to go to Lakay after escaping Shady Belle, a cinematic cutscene will play with Arthur on a horse riding to Lakay.



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