Delfino Zayas is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Delfino's background.


Delfino can most often be found playing Five Finger Fillet in the Escalera, or wandering around Casa Madrugada and Chuparosa. He will sometimes challenge the player to a duel in Escalera.

During a random encounter in the wilderness, Delfino may challenge Marston to a sharpshooting contest.


I hear your reputación, but you're no rápido like me - we find out, okay?
Delfino Zayas challenging the player to a duel
Vamos! I wish to duel where everyone see me kill you, que no?
Delfino Zayas
Hola gringo! Are you good with a pistola?
Delfino Zayas calling out to the player
Delfino likes to gamble - let's bet some dinero you cannot shoot better than me.
Delfino Zayas challenging the player to a sharpshooting contest
Cómo apunta esta grino! A bet is a bet, amigo - enhorabuena!
Delfino Zayas after losing the contest

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