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Desmond Blythe is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Desmond Blythe is a wealthy businessman in the Hosiery business.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Desmond Blythe attends a poker tournament that is being held on the Grand Korrigan riverboat where he sits at the same table as Arthur Morgan, amongst others. However, the other players quickly bust, leaving only Arthur and Desmond. Soon thereafter, Desmond also goes bust, which results in him losing half of his money. Determined not to withdraw, Desmond then bets his valuable Reutlinger pocket watch to continue playing. However, Desmond goes bust again, which results in him having to cede his Reutlinger to Arthur, which is being kept in a safe on the deck above.

After Arthur steals both the money and the watch from the safe in the riverboat, Desmond can be seen drinking at the bar in an attempt to forget his loss. He is seen talking to Josiah Trelawny and accuses Arthur of cheating in the poker game. He then finds Arthur and Trelawny acting suspiciously, while a security guard, whose clothes were stolen by Javier Escuella, points out that Javier stole his clothes to one of his fellow guards. The ship's security guards then attack Arthur, Trelawny and Javier, with Desmond subsequently managing to escape the room during the exchange of gunfire.

Mission appearances

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