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You don't seem...quite well, my dear.
Amos Lancing
I'm not. I am destroyed with grief.
Jessica LeClerk

Destroyed By Grief is the final story mission in Red Dead Online. It is given by Horley and can be played regardless of the player's honor.

Mission overview

Jessica LeClerk wants the player to escort her to a meet set up by Amos Lancing.


Horley has sent the player a letter asking them to meet him and Jessica LeClerk in Quaker's Cove and bring some backup. Once the player and their posse arrive there, Jessica and Horley inform them that Amos Lancing has asked the former to meet him in Blackwater; however, the two are suspicious of his intentions, so they ask the player's posse to accompany them and watch over the meeting.

After the cutscene ends, one player has to drive Jessica's wagon to Blackwater while the others follow on horseback. Once in Blackwater, half of the players take cover on the rooftops while the other half accompany Jessica and Horley to meet Lancing. Lancing, accompanied by his bodyguards, greets Jessica and states that he misses Philip and feels bad about his death. He claims that he had nothing to do with her husband’s death and agrees with her that Teddy Brown deserved to die. Lancing then informs Jessica of a supposed agreement he made with her husband that in the event of one of them dying, the other would inherit the business in exchange for a nominal sum. Jessica accuses him of lying and Lancing states that she signed the agreement last year. He states the signed document is with Jeremiah Shaw and that she will only be able to inherit $500 dollars worth of her husband’s property. Jessica knows that her husband’s property is worth more than that amount and is furious at Lancing. Jessica opens her purse to get her gun and shoots Lancing dead.

Following this, the time is briefly slowed down and all players are put into Dead Eye in order to kill the guards that were with Lancing. After the first wave of guards are killed, half of the players must escort Jessica back to her wagon and the other half help Horley retrieve the documents from Shaw, all the while killing more guards. After the documents are recovered and both Jessica and Horley are returned safely to the wagon, one player must drive the wagon outside of Blackwater while the others follow on horseback.

Upon reaching a cliff far enough from Blackwater, Jessica asks the wagon's driver to stop. As she gets off and looks into the distance, Horley informs her that the documents are forged, just as she suspected, and Jessica asks him to get rid of them. Jessica then expresses her disappointment that Grace Lancing is still alive, and states that she and Horley need to find a way to clear their names after everything that occurred recently. Vowing to find Grace someday, Jessica thanks the player's posse for their help, calling them her true friends, and tells them that their part in her mission to avenge Philip's death is done. She pays them for all the trouble and advises them not to get themselves into more trouble, before leaving with Horley.

Mission failure

The mission will fail if:

  • The team of players runs out of lives.
  • Jessica's wagon gets destroyed.
  • Jessica or Horley are killed.


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