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Dewberry Creek is a dried-up riverbed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Scarlett Meadows region of the Lemoyne territory.

It appears to begin at the Heartland Overflow in The Heartlands, weaving through Emerald Ranch and crossing the border into Scarlett Meadows. From there, it almost makes it to Flat Iron Lake.


  • Just south of the southern tip of the creek, the Scarlett Meadows Dewberry Creek Bone can be found in the open.
  • Further south and slightly west, the Legendary Coyote can be hunted.
  • Southwest of the bone near the border to The Heartlands is an abandoned watermill. At the foot of the ladder is a lockbox containing chewing tobacco, two cigars, and money. On a windowsill reached from the rooftop is Valerian Root.
  • Almost due north and slightly east of the bone, just near the border with The Heartlands, is the Heartlands Dewberry Creek Bone in the open.
  • A ghost train appears on the New Hanover/Lemoyne border at 3am.
  • Despite being dry, it appears that crossing the river automatically voids the 9th horseman challenge (Ride from Van Horn to Blackwater in 17 minutes without touching water).
  • The van der linde gang was originally supposed to setup camp here after trouble in valentine, but chose to go to Clemens Point instead.