Saloon's a great place to get to know everyone.
Dewey Greenwood

Dewey Greenwood is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Greenwood is the bartender of the Armadillo Saloon. He has a relative named Jackson Greenwood, who is buried at Coot's Chapel.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Aside from buying drinks from him, the player can find him at the poker table and can play against him. If caught cheating, Dewey will challenge the player to a duel. If threatened, he will draw a repeater, but will not fire. He can be seen outside the saloon smoking a cigarette or just wandering around Armadillo.


Armadillo's on the up!
Dewey Greenwood
Ready to bend the elbow tonight?
Dewey Greenwood
Go easy on that! It's meaner than a horny rattlesnake!
Dewey Greenwood pouring Marston a drink
Eldin Grubb's gettin' to be real smug these days.
Dewey Greenwood
Howdy Link, see you tomorow or later.
—'Dewey Greenwood'
Hey Herbert.
—'Dewey Greenwood'
Hi there Mel!
—'Dewey Greenwood'


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