Diez Coronas (or Ten Crowns) is a constituent region of the Nuevo Paraiso territory.


It is the easternmost region of the territory and borders the region of Perdido to the West. The San Luis River forms the northern border of the region.

The north of Diez Coronas is an upland, with the El Presidio fortress. The south and the west of Diez Coronas are the valley.

Locations in Diez Coronas

Native Plants


The main way to begin a Multiplayer Gang Match in Diez Coronas is to go to El Matadero and click on the Gang Match sign. In multiplayer Diez Coronas is one of the maps used in Objective-based multiplayer games like Grab the Bag.

Diez Coronas gives the player various play styles in Multiplayer as there are Cannons, Gatling Guns, and Sniper spots present and also to cover the large distances Horses are the recommended way of transportation.

Also, in Multiplayer there are Prickly Pears, Woolly Blue Curls, Butterfly Weed, and even Desert Sage in Diez Coronas.


  • Despite being part of Mexico in-game, Diez Coronas is actually based off parts of the Colorado Plateau in the United States, including Monument Valley, which lies on the border of Utah and Arizona, and Colorado National Monument, on the western slope of Colorado.
  • The name of the area may be a reference to a parody of The Knack's "My Sharona" by John Mammoser entitled "Nine Coronas".
  • It is also possible that the area gets its name from the mesas in the region. There are more than ten, but all the largest main mesas make up "ten crowns".


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