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Rdr un doreen.jpg
Race Caucasian
Gender Female
Location City of Blackwater in Great Plains, West Elizabeth
Family Unnamed husband
Two unnamed daughters (one is deceased)
Weapon Unarmed
Voice Actor Kate Cullen Roberts
It's the government's fault!

Doreen's take on the cause of the outbreak.

Doreen is a minor character featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Doreen is a citizen of Blackwater. According to her husband, her father was a bully and a drunk. At some point, she thought about marrying a man named Burt Sackett, who was, apparently, quite fat. With her husband, she had two daughters; one was mauled by undead.


After the outbreak began, one of Doreen's daughters was killed by undead. Doreen, her husband, and her surviving daughter sought shelter on the roof of a building. John Marston finds them and asks if everything is okay. Doreen proceeds to blame the government for not closing the borders, and argue with her husband. Afterwards, John takes his leave, praising her husband's patience.


I got flesh eating monsters feasting on my family and I'm taking advice about tolerance from a gun-slinger.
This is all your fault, you useless man!
Doreen shifts the blame to her husband
Well, you could try shootin' them creatures, you dumb fool!
Doreen tells Marston how he could help


  • After the cutscene ends, Doreen and her husband will continue arguing, ignoring Marston, until they both agree to stay silent.
  • She and Connie MacTavish share the same voice actor, Kate Cullen Roberts.


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