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Doverhill is a research facility in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Roanoke Ridge region of the New Hanover territory.


It lies northwest of Annesburg. It is the site of a laboratory belonging to inventor Marko Dragic, and is a key location during the mission "A Bright Bouncing Boy".


  • A cigarette card for the "Electric Light Bulb" can be found on a crate near the back door of the facility.
  • Due south along the trail is an inspectable location, the Abandoned Trading Post.
    • On a wall shelf inside of the trading post is the "Isabelle Barlow" cigarette card, as well as a stash of cash concealed under a floorboard.
    • Just southeast of the trading post is another inspectable location, the Meteor House. Inside, a meteorite fragment can be found in the smoldering hole, as well the "Hattie Langtry" cigarette card on a side table.
    • Almost directly due west, up a steep hill, is a crater with a large inspectable meteorite at the center.


  • The location is likely an homage to Wardenclyffe Tower, an experimental wireless transmission station constructed by inventor Nikola Tesla and demolished after his death.


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