Dutch van der Linde dual-wields Schofield Revolvers.

Dual-wielding is a gameplay mechanic featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, to a lesser extent, Red Dead Revolver.


Red Dead Revolver

Red dead revolver profilelarge

Red uses the twin revolvers.

In Revolver, the only dual weapon available in normal gameplay is the Twin Revolvers. Mechanically, they work the same as the standard Revolver model with an identical rate of fire and stopping power. The Twin Revolvers' only difference is its doubled ammo capacity.

During the story mission "Freak Show", the players get to control Jack Swift and his unique set of weapons, the Showstoppers, a pair of custom Twin Revolvers. The weapon is also available when choosing Swift as the playable character in Showdown Mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR 2 First Look 22

John Marston dual-wielding Cattleman Revolvers.

Dual-wielding is added as a regular game mechanic in Redemption 2. The protagonist can dual-wield any pair of handguns. The player can dual-wield any combination of handgun models, whether they be pistols, revolvers or even Sawed-off Shotguns. However, this mechanic isn't available at the beginning of the game. It can only be done after the player unlocks the second holster, which is given to the player by Micah Bell after completing "Blessed are the Meek?".

Several major characters such as Dutch van der Linde, Hosea Matthews and Micah Bell also dual-wield revolvers.



Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Redemption 2

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