Duke Grayson is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Duke is a suited lawman who operates in West Elizabeth.


If Marston has a bounty, Duke will track him to multiple locations around West Elizabeth. In multiplayer, he will track the player around the Pacific Union Railroad Camp when player's bounty is over $500.


Good thing I’m the law, if I was a criminal I’d be pure evil.
Duke Grayson when threatened.
Marston, you rude son-of-a-bitch!
Duke Grayson when bumped by a high Fame John Marston.
I ain’t going to hesitate putting you down, you hear?
Duke Grayson when the player is Wanted.
Last chance! Surrender if you want to live!
Duke Grayson when the player is Wanted.
There’s good and then there’s evil in this world, I tell you.
Duke Grayson responding to a conversation.
You bein’ awful rude, sir.
Duke Grayson when bumped.


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