For the duster coat available in Red Dead Redemption 2, see Coats in Redemption 2.
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The Duster Coat is an outfit found in Red Dead Redemption.


A worn-out old duster. The coat protects your clothing from trail dust, but not much else.
In-game description

It is a worn, dark brown, oil skin duster. This type of coat was usually worn by deputy lawmen of the time, likely the reason for its requirements, seen below. It was also a popular choice for bounty hunters.


This outfit is obtained after reaching the honor rank of "Peacemaker". The Duster Coat appears to simply be worn over John Marston's standard Cowboy Outfit.


Red Dead Redemption

  • Dusters have a long history in the West and Western movies, so there is likely no single inspiration for this outfit.
  • A true duster has a long slit at the back, almost up to the waist, dividing the tail into two long flaps so that it can be worn easily when riding. The duster appearing in Red Dead Redemption has no slit and would in reality be very impractical for riding a horse. This design may have been chosen to simplify character animation.
    • In Redemption II however, the player can buy dusters that have this trait fixed.
    • This is true if the coat is worn buttoned-up. Unbuttoned, as Marston wears it, it acts similar to a cape, which can be worn horseback without the need for a slit.
  • Even when playing as Jack Marston, John's Cowboy attire is still worn underneath the duster coat.
  • The Duster Coat bears a strong resemblance to the Legend of the West Outfit, albeit in a different colour.
  • The simulated cloth of the coat is very buggy and is known to fall through objects or stick inside the player during moments such as when Marston sits on something.
  • It gathers dust very quickly.
  • When wearing this outfit, players may be fired upon by gang members in Thieves' Landing, likely for its high honor requirements.
  • This outfit is available from the start in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.
  • In The man from Blackwater, John is seen wearing the Duster Coat.
  • Unlike the Obscuridad del Santo Andres, it will not disappear when the player's honor drops.
  • Despite the description stating that "the coat protects your clothing from trail dust, but not much else," the player is immune to fire damage when the Duster Coat is equiped.

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Despite the outfit not making an appearance, it can be perfectly recreated in RDR2's Epilogue by adding an orange Duster Coat over John Marston's "The Cowboy" outfit.


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