For the original gang led by Dutch van der Linde, see Van der Linde gang.
Van der Linde has attracted a following of young men on the reservation. They are turning to bad things.
Nastas describing Dutch's gang

Dutch's Gang is an outlaw gang featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Between 1878 and 1899, notorious criminal Dutch van der Linde led a gang bearing his name, the Van der Linde gang. However, the gang eventually collapsed due to a law-enforced manhunt against Dutch in 1899 and a botched train robbery that caused the retirement of one of its last members, John Marston.

After the downfall of the Van der Linde gang, Dutch disappeared for several years before resurfacing around 1911, forming a new "Dutch's Gang" from disaffected young natives off the nearby Reservations who hate the U.S. government, and the white man in general, for taking their land, destroying their way of life and forcing them into lives of squalor.

The gang's main hideout is the northern Tall Trees settlement of Cochinay; they are also known to use the abandoned logging camp at Bearclaw as a stopover. Dutch's gang can be found just about anywhere in West Elizabeth, and occasionally even in Blackwater during a Nightwatch job.

Hassun can be seen at Manzanita Post, playing Five Finger Fillet, and the gang occasionally ride through in a Wild Posse. Most of the criminal activity in West Elizabeth, indeed, is down to Dutch's wild boys - ambushes, a bandit attack during an escort quest and the hijacking of supply wagons.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

In 1911, Dutch's former protege John Marston was tasked by Bureau of Investigation agent Edgar Ross to hunt down Van der Linde after his resurface.

After several unsuccessful attempts to capture Van der Linde, Ross launched an attack on the gang's hideout in Cochinay with the help of the American Army, nearly annihilating Dutch's Gang.

Dutch himself committed suicide in the conclusion of the attack; despite his death, remnants of his gang still operated on a smaller scale throughout West Elizabeth.



  • Some members of Dutch's gang wear pieces of military uniform, most notably coats and ammo belts. These coats oftentimes have chevrons on them.
  • Dutch's Gang, like the Unaffiliated criminals in Mexico, are never encountered in Free Roam multiplayer.
  • In singleplayer, Dutch's Gang is the only gang not to own a gang hideout that can be completed outside a mission.
  • Dutch's Gang does not appear during Undead Nightmare. Their hideout, Cochinay, is occupied by an Unaffiliated criminal, Melvin Spinney. They also do not appear either as survivors or Undead.


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