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Arthur Morgan tracking deer with Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a skill in Red Dead Redemption 2 used mainly for hunting.


The player is introduced to Eagle Eye during the mission "The Aftermath of Genesis", where Arthur Morgan goes hunting with Charles Smith. Eagle Eye's primary use is to assist the player when they are hunting animals, by highlighting the trail of the target and thus leading the player to it. Eagle Eye is imperative when hunting for Legendary animals, as they can only be found via analysing various clues and subsequently using Eagle Eye to track the animal to its current location.

Aside from hunting, Eagle Eye can also be used to identify any plants that can be collected by the player. This can be useful when confronted with dense vegetation, as the player can use it to see if there is anything that can be obtained from within.


While in Eagle Eye, time slows down and the trails of animals are denoted by a blue trail, which indicates the direction that the animal went. After analysing a particular trail, it will be still be visible in the form of shiny white tracks for about 20 seconds after exiting Eagle Eye (when this time expires, the trail can be restored by entering Eagle Eye again). A wounded animal's trail will exhibit a flickering red to convey its vulnerability to the player. Additionally, the trails of Legendary animals are made distinct by being yellow.

Plants do not have trails, and so anything obtainable is instead denoted by a white shimmering, as long as it is unpicked. Eagle Eye is finite and will only last for around 10 seconds, before the player is forced out of it. The longevity of it can be upgraded with the Fox Claw Trinket, which extends the duration by 5 seconds.


  • Eagle Eye strongly resembles hunter vision from Far Cry Primal.
  • When Eagle Eye is activated, the light-bar on a PS4 controller will turn light blue.
  • When Eagle Eye is activated the player's character will squint their eyes. This can be seen in Photo Mode.