Eagle Flies is a major character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Eagle Flies is the second son of Rains Fall. At some point before 1899, both his brother and mother were killed by the U.S. Army, and he, along with his people, were moved onto the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter Chapter

Eagle Flies is first seen when the gang are relocating from Colter to Horseshoe Overlook, where he is observing the gang’s journey along with Rains Fall and Paytah.

Saint Denis Chapter

Eagle Flies is next seen at the mayor’s party in Saint Denis with his father. Soon afterwards, Arthur meets him with his father and Evelyn Miller where he offers Arthur with a possible job opportunity. They have learned that the army plans on moving them off of their reservation, in order to allow the Cornwall Company to drill oil on their land. Arthur will accept the offer, and meet up with Eagle Flies near the refinery. He will advise Arthur to board a wagon into the refinery, which he does. After Arthur steals the documents, he makes his escape from the refinery, Eagle Flies causes an explosion, before helping Arthur fight his way out. He will then pay Arthur, and tells him he hopes that the papers help them with lobbying the army.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

Eagle Flies will next be encountered when he rides into the Beaver Hollow with Charles. He explains that the army has confiscated the tribes horses and, as Arthur helped him before, he hopes that he may help him to get them back. Dutch, in the hope of redirecting the army's attention away from the gang, agrees to help him, and he will bring Charles and Arthur to rob a ferry full of horses. The four men silently canoe over to the ferry and jump into it. They quickly knock out the guards, drop the anchor, and take the horses back to the mainland. Once back, Dutch will tell Eagle Flies he wants to talk to him, and they will depart to the reservation.

Dutch and Eagle Flies make a plan to trap soldiers in a valley, and then tar and feather them. Eagle Flies, Paytah, and three other Indians proceed to meet up with Dutch and Arthur. Dutch and Arthur set dynamite, and it goes off, trapping the soldiers. They will then point guns at them, but swarms of reinforcements quickly attack the Indians and their allies. Eagle Flies, Paytah, Dutch, and Arthur survive the initial onslaught but Paytah is wounded. Eagle Flies attempts to rescue Paytah, but he is captured and brought to Fort Wallace.

Arthur and Charles go on a rescue mission for Eagle Flies and succeed in breaking into the Fort. They break into the prison, unlock his cell, and carry him out. Arthur blows down the wall with dynamite and they escape on horseback until reaching a river, where Charles puts him into a canoe. They then sail downstream, while Arthur covers them. Charles will then take Eagle Flies back to his father.

Eagle Flies will later ride into Beaver Hollow, with the majority of the younger members of the tribe, and asks the gang to join him. Rains Fall rides up and begs them not to attack the US Army, but Eagle Flies orders his men to attack regardless. The gang will decide to follow him and will arrive at the refinery to find the Indians scattered, with Eagle Flies fighting for his life at the center of the refinery. Arthur will lead Sadie, Charles, and a group of the Indians to rescue him. They will fight their way to him, and he will tell them that they must save every Indian they see.

After most of the soldiers had been defeated, Dutch and Arthur enter the warehouse, to find the state bonds. While the two are about to exit the warehouse, soldiers attack them. A pipe bursts while Arthur is escaping, leaving him incapacitated, which results in Eagles Flies charging in and slaying the three soldiers about to kill him. It is then that Colonel Favours appears and mortally wounds Eagle Flies with a shot to the abdomen, before he is himself shot and killed by Arthur. Arthur, Paytah, and Charles will then bring the dying Eagle Flies back to his father at Wapiti, and he dies shortly afterwards.


Eagle Flies is very proud and believes that the only way for his people to thrive is through war with the army. Despite his shortcomings, he is very devoted to his people and will do anything to help them. He also cares deeply about honor and is deeply loyal to all those who help him.

Mission appearances


  • By 1907, the player can find his grave west of Donner Falls.



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