I'm a man of the lord, but I will hurt you!

–Edgar Critchley in a fistfight

Edgar Critchley is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Judging by his surname, he is likely the owner of Critchley's Ranch, one of the many ranches in New Austin, or a family member of the owner.


Edgar can commonly be found working on his ranch. However, he has been known to frequent Blackwater. He can sometimes be found playing Horseshoes at Rathskeller Fork. Edgar can be encountered as a kidnapper in the "Kidnapping" Random Encounter.


John Marston, I hope you're here to see a man of God.
Edgar Critchley greeting a high Fame John Marston.
Marston, a fiery bed awaits you.
Edgar Critchley when bumped by a high Fame John Marston.
Edgar Critchley when shocked.
Hehe, you sure can spin a yarn.
Edgar Critchley responding to a conversation.
I might as well enjoy myself in my old age.
Edgar Critchley when bribed as an eyewitness.
Sheriff! Git your hiney over here!
Edgar Critchley when he witnesses the player commit a crime.
You may want to call the doc now, because you may need it.
Edgar Critchley when insulted.
Edgar Critchley when extremely shocked.
Any manners to be had today, Marston?
Edgar Critchley when bumped by a high Fame John Marston.


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