Edith Downes is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Edith is the wife of Thomas Downes and the mother of Archie Downes.

Her husband, Thomas, began having financial problems, so he obtained a loan from Leopold Strauss. However, he was unable to repay the loan and was beaten by Arthur Morgan on his ranch. Edith intervened, informing Arthur he is sick and that he should leave, which he does.

She later arrives at the Van der Linde gang's camp and tells Strauss that Thomas had passed away, perhaps hoping that Strauss would forgive their loan. In Strauss' eyes, however, the loan is inherited by Edith and her son.

Arthur later comes back to collect the last of the loan from her. Edith gives him the money with no incident, but not before cursing him. She and her son pack up and leave the homestead.

Edith and her son become financially unstable, resulting in Edith becoming a prostitute in Saint Denis to support her and Archie. Accidentally, she offers prostitution services to Arthur in town. Arthur recognizes her, causing her to inform a policeman that he was "harassing" her. Arthur is then chased away by the cops.

She and her son eventually move to Annesburg, a thriving mining town. Arthur encounters her in the town and notices her bring a client into her home, but she sees Arthur and shuts the door on her client's face. Later, Arthur searches for her and finds her trying to get potential clients. She tells him to go away and Arthur tells her that he is sorry for what he did and wonders where her son is. She tells him that Archie is probably working in the mines, and also that Archie's foreman and other miners dislike Archie. Arthur offers to fix the problem, but she tells him to get lost.

After Arthur saved her son from being bullied by the miners, Archie tells him that his mother refused Arthur's money and has not stopped being a prostitute. Noticeable small, rough red bumps on her face suggest that she has contracted syphilis. Arthur finds her talking with a client and scares off her client. He tells her that he feels bad for what he did and not let her pride consume her and has to persuade her to leave and go home to Archie. She then agrees to come with him, but still does not want to forgive him and Arthur understands that she will never forgive him. She will hug her son and wonders what she and Archie will do. Arthur again offers to give them money and tells them to use it to help them start a new life somewhere. Arthur tells her that he is not looking for forgiveness and he has not forgiven himself for what he has done. She will take his advice and eventually accept Arthur's money. She and Archie head inside the house.

Edith forgiving Arthur can be one of the lines he reflects upon during his last ride.

In the epilogue, Edith and her son are seen boarding a boat, their appearances implying they are wealthier than before. Additionally, issue 75 of the Blackwater Ledger in the epilogue features a news story which mentions the Downes family opening a brand new golf course and owning several successful businesses out west by 1907.

Mission appearances


  • She may appear in Horseshoe Overlook arguing with Strauss before telling him that Thomas has died.



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