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A grey mule. Slow speed.

–In-game description

El Señor (The Mister), (The Lord) or (The Man) is a basic mule found south of the border in Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. It is also the starter mount available to new players in multiplayer.


El Señor, like most mules, is the slowest mount in the game. It cannot carry any hogtied people and cannot jump.


His deed can be purchased from the Chuparosa General Store for $100, allowing the player to select him at any time.

In multiplayer, the mount is available to players immediately without needing to be unlocked.


  • The literal translation of its name is "The Sir", but colloquially, it's likely "The Man".
  • Despite being labeled as a mule in-game, El Señor has the physical characteristics of a donkey.
  • Unlike the other two Mules, El Picor and El Hedor, El Señor has a name that is not implied to be insulting; "The Man", as opposed to "The Itch" and "The Stench", respectively.


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