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The Elephant Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Online. It was added in the Naturalist Update.


The Elephant Gun Rifle from Mühlberg is a marvel of manufacturing and has been likened to holding a cannon, boasting a higher stopping power than nearly every other gun in Red Dead Online. However, it is stopped short of being overpowered by its two round capacity and low total ammunition carried (with a maximum of 18 Nitro Express rounds in reserve).

Its ammunition is also relatively expensive for how little is bought, and it has wide spread, poor range and high recoil with a slow fire rate. Its damage ensures it almost always gets a one shot kill on both players and NPCs.

It is useful for hunting legendary animals, but not for regular animals, as it will reduce pelts to poor quality. Overall, it is more of a novelty weapon than a practical purchase, but can be effective in certain situations.


The Elephant Rifle is available for purchase at any gunsmith for $580.00 or 24 Gold Bars.


  • If the player fires the Elephant Gun whilst crouched, they will be knocked down from its immense recoil.
  • The Elephant Rifle is a double-barreled rifle which, judging by the time period and performance, likely fires .577 Nitro Express with smokeless cordite gunpowder, a relatively new round at the time. Going off the German-sounding manufacturer name, it is most likely based off of a specific rifle manufactured by either Heym or Hartmann & Weiss.
  • Due to the similar weapon design, the Elephant Rifle shares animations and collision models with the double-barreled shotgun. However, the Elephant Rifle has no external hammers, meaning the reload animation is slightly shorter.