Eli Tucker is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Eli is a lawman who operates in and around Blackwater.


Eli can be found patrolling Blackwater. However, if Marston has a bounty, Eli will track him to multiple locations around West Elizabeth.

Eli is the officer who will assign the player a dog to follow during a Nightwatch job in Blackwater and will assist the player by picking up the offending strangers during Nightwatch.


Whoa there.
Eli Tucker when bumped.
You’ll hang soon enough Marston, I don’t need to trouble myself with you.
Eli Tucker when insulted by a high Fame John Marston.
Here to keep you safe, mister.
Eli Tucker greeting others.
I could really clean up Armadillo if I was there.
Eli Tucker conversing with others.
He ain’t so bad after all. Might just have to hang this one to send a message.
Eli Tucker when picking up a hogtied criminal during Nightwatch.


  • According to his comments, he does not trust Sam Wah.
  • Judging by his comments, he aspires to be Mayor of Blackwater one day.

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