I can't understand how strangers can be so cruel.

–Elizabeth Thornton

Elizabeth Thornton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. She appears in the stranger side-mission "The Wronged Woman", and Exodus In America


Not much is known about her background beyond her marriage to Harold Thornton.


Marston meets her mourning her husband in the Blackwater Cemetery. She will put doubt to the veracity of the story that Clara LaGuerta had been impregnated by her husband.


Oh, my dear, Harold. I can't believe he's gone.
Elizabeth Thornton
I knew his frequenting that gambling boat would be the death of him.
Elizabeth Thornton
I heard that duck trollop, Clara, laughing at the funeral.
Elizabeth Thornton
The world is a sad and terrible place.
Elizabeth Thornton


  • A generic NPC with a very similar appearance to Elizabeth can appear around America. Whether or not it is her is unknown.
  • Rarely, if Elizabeth is killed and looted, Marston will hilariously call her "sir".
  • If a gun is pointed at her, she will run away like any normal NPC. However, she makes masculine screams of fear and will make grunting noises if the player tries to engage in a fistfight with her, which probably means that the game treats her as a male character outside of the Stranger mission.

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