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Ellie Anne Swan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Sometime before the year 1899, Swan murdered her mother and several husbands. The Valentine Sheriff's Office suspected her of committing the murders and subsequently placed a bounty on her head. This resulted in her being wanted alive for questioning.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

In Valentine, after capturing Benedict Allbright, the player finds a poster in the Sheriff's office for Ellie Anne Swan, promising $25 for her apprehension.

The player then goes to the Cumberland Falls area, where she was last sighted. After arriving, Swan tells her lover to attack the player, and denies being the infamous "Black Widow" when the protagonist calls her out as being such. Her lover instead tells her that she should go with the player, correctly suspecting who she really is, but this causes her to stab him with a dagger, killing him. She then tries to attack the player, but they manage to subdue her with a lasso before putting her on the back of their horse and heading for Valentine. Alternatively, the player may lasso Ellie Anne Swan before she is able to kill her lover but this will cause the lover to pull out a revolver and start shooting. After hog-tying both Ellie and her lover, he is upset that she has turned him into an outlaw as well, although if you try to turn him into Sheriff Malloy you will become wanted and fail the mission. Untying the lover afterwards he just runs away.

Along the way, Swan tries to convince the player to let her go, even trying to convince him to run off with her. However, the player simply ignores her and brings her to the Sheriff. While delivering her to her cell, the protagonist tells the sheriff that she killed another of her lovers, before collecting the reward money and exiting the office. Similarly, if she doesn't kill her lover, the protagonist will say something like "Good thing the poor bastard she was with didn't end up like her husband."



Ellie is a slender young woman, with long red hair and brown eyes. Ellie wears a blue hat with pink feathers, a white blouse with a necklace, a dark blue long skirt, a long gray socks, and black boots.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • She attempts to blackmail Sheriff Malloy to let her out of her cell by threatening to reveal his affair with Moira Calthorpe, but she is unsuccessful.
  • If the player is quick enough, they can save Swan's lover from being killed by hogtying her before she kills him. The Sheriff will later remark how lucky he was to have survived.
  • Ellie Anne Swan appears to possess some understanding of her mental condition, admitting to the protagonist that she should be in an asylum rather than a prison.
  • After Ellie Anne Swan is behind bars, the protagonist can later visit her in jail up to three times and have unique conversations with her before she stops responding.
  • If the Killer Prostitute random encounter is completed after Ellie Anne Swan's bounty hunting mission, the latter will disappear from her cell and may be seen roaming north of Valentine.