You prospectin' for a scrap, brother?!
Elmore Vinnis

Elmore Vinnis is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Elmore is a Criminal. Judging by the way he talks and his quotes, he is from the south and has most likely been a lifelong criminal.


He is commonly seen around Thieves' Landing, where he will wander the town or hang around the Saloon. He appears in the Tumbleweed gang hideout as the gang's leader.

Elmore can also be seen in a random encounter in West Elizabeth, running away from Lawmen. Marston can either shoot him or save him by shooting the pursuing lawmen.


I ain't in the mood for jawin'.
Elmore Vinnis when responding to a conversation
Hey, cow-buddy, you ready for an ass-whoopin'?!
Elmore Vinnis during a fight
Your brain gone bust?
Elmore Vinnis when shocked.
Don't push your luck with me, Marston.
Elmore Vinnis when bumped into
You spineless snake!
Elmore Vinnis when hogtied
I'll kill ya! You hear me? I'll rip your heart out!
Elmore Vinnis when injured
You're gonna be moaning like a sick cat when I'm done with you!
Elmore Vinnis during a fight
I'll blow you good if you think you're scrappin' with me!
Elmore Vinnis during a gunfight
You skunk, you can't shoot at all!
Elmore Vinnis taunting two chasing lawmen



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