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Emerald Ranch is a settlement in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in The Heartlands region of the State of New Hanover.


A large, prosperous cattle ranch in the central Heartlands, owned by a ruthless capitalist who is intent on undermining the smaller farms in the area. The railway station nearby allows for easy access to the ranch, helping it to dominate in livestock trading.[1]

There are traces of an older settlement within the property including an old saloon, small general store and abandoned barn. While the former two are inaccessible, the left most part of the saloon can be entered to which the player will discover blood streaks and bullet holes. The cause of these is still unknown.

Events of Red Dead Online

If the protagonist chooses to be a moonshiner, they can meet Maggie Fike in the abandoned saloon where the player is given their first mission.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

After their trip in the mountains, Hosea Matthews goes to investigate the ranch and quickly befriends Seamus, the foreman who secretly acts as a fence. After Arthur Morgan's arrival, Seamus sends the pair to prove themselves by stealing a wagon from Bob Crawford. After they return with the wagon Seamus trusts them with information of his business and to bring him any wagons they find.

Lilly Millet resided at Emerald Ranch when Arthur came to collect her debt money for Leopold Strauss, resulting in a fistfight with her boyfriend Cooper.

Later, on a quest to retrieve a lion for Margaret, the player goes to the ranch. After finding two farmhands keeping what the player believes to be a dog in the barn, the player enters to find a real lion which they must kill.

Aside from these events the player can come across a woman crushed by her horse and in need of aid in a random encounter. The player can take her to her home at the ranch where she reveals vague information about the saloon and the shady owner as well as his daughter.


  • Fence
  • Post Office
  • Stagecoach
  • Wagon Fence


  • Dominoes can be played at the Post Office.
  • Under a bench at the train station is the Cigarette Card for the Black Mangrove.
  • On the shelf on the front porch of the old Saloon in the north-central part of the ranch is the Cigarette Card for Pugilist - Theobaud Getzin.
  • The stables to the northwest has a workbench, on which is found the Cigarette Card for the Goat Carriage.
  • On the windmill, tower platform is the Cigarette Card for Chicago, next to a bottle of Valerian Root.
  • The Worn Flop Hat, Moonshine Hat and Flop Hat can be stolen here.


  • There is a grave for a man named Joshua Burgess in between the abandoned saloon and the housing area. This man is believed to be the ex-lover of Miriam Wegner, the daughter of ranch owner Eugene Wegner.
  • The ranch has a general store, but it's always inaccessible to the player. Unused text files suggest it was at least planned to be accessible at some point in development, and it has a very basic interior.



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