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Hello, young man.
—'Emily Ross' as she greets Jack Marston

Emily Ross is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. She appears in the stranger side-mission "Remember My Family".



She is the wife of Edgar Ross, the director of the Bureau of Investigation.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Emily makes her first and last appearance in the final mission of the game, when Jack Marston sets out to find Edgar Ross. The government agent Jack first talks to in Blackwater, Howard Sawicki, directs him to Ross's cabin out on Lake Don Julio, where he is spending his retirement years with his wife.

Jack first meets Emily on the cabin's porch, where she vents her worries to him about her husband regarding the Bureau continuing to harass him for work. Jack asks where Ross is now and Emily tells him that he had gone duck hunting with his brother, Phillip, on the Nuevo Paraíso side of the San Luis River. Before leaving, Jack assures Emily that he's sure her husband will be "just fine", foreshadowing Ross's fate.

Afterwards, Emily Ross can be killed without causing the mission to fail, but it will result in a loss of Honor.



Emily appears to be a rather matronly, kind and somewhat worrisome middle-aged woman. She is frustrated at the Bureau's attempts at interfering with Ross' retirement, saying that they "won’t get its talons out of him", but also friendly and polite towards Jack.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


Oh, that husband of mine. That Bureau just won't get its talons out of him even though he's retired!
—'Emily Ross' complains about the Federal Bureau of Investigation's treatment of her husband
Edgar gave them some of the best years of his life. They ought to let him retire in peace!
—'Emily Ross' regarding her husband
They'll not rest 'til they've killed him with worry, and he's such a sensitive man!
—'Emily Ross' complains about the Federal Bureau of Investigation's treatment of her husband