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Errand Boy
RDR2 ErrandBoy Trophy
Description Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.
Gamer Score 10 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze

Errand Boy is a gameplay achievement/trophy featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.

This is a missable achievement/trophy.


Through Chapters 2, 3, 4 and the second Epilogue chapter, members at camp will approach the player and request specific items. Most are indicated as being available in Chapters 2, 3, & 4 according to the official guide, however they do not need to be completed during the chapter they're acquired in. Those that are not have been noted below.

  • Abigail: She requests $5; just give her some money (Chapter 2 only).
  • Bill: He wants pomade, which can be purchased from any general store.
  • Charles: He wants oleander, which is a plant most commonly found in the swamps of Lemoyne.
  • Charles: He wants moonshine to make fire arrows, which can be found in homesteads or purchased at a fence throughout the game.
  • Charles: Requests an eagle feather from any eagle found in the wilderness (Epilogue only).
  • Dutch: He wants a pipe; the player can find one inside Vetter's Echo.
  • Hosea: He wants two ginseng plants, which are commonly found across the map. American Ginseng or Alaskan Ginseng produce the ginseng required (Chapter 3 only). Additionally, there is a small farm of ginseng at Chez Porter, which totals up to five plants.
  • Hosea: He wants a book titled The Case of the Shrew in the Fog. It can be found inside the house in Hagen Orchards, north of Saint Denis.
  • Jack: He wants a Penny Dreadful book; it can be found in one of five locations: Osman Grove, Clawson's Rest, in the abandoned schoolhouse in Pleasance, Downes Ranch, or Lake Don Julio. (Jack asks for it during the mission "A Fisher of Men" in Chapter 2).
  • Jack: Asks for a thimble to replace Abigail's which he lost. This will drop as a random loot object after being given the request (complete the quest "A Fisher of Men,” Chapter 2 only).
  • Javier: He wants oleander, which can be commonly found in the swamps of Lemoyne (Chapter 2 only).
  • Kieran: Asks for two burdock roots for the camp horses, which are often found by bodies of water (Chapter 3 only).
  • Lenny: He wants a pocket watch. The player can buy one from a general store, or randomly loot a silver, gold, or platinum pocket watch from homesteads or enemies.
  • Mary Beth: She wants a fountain pen; the player can find one inside Osman Grove, on the table (Chapter 2 only).
  • Molly: She wants a pocket mirror; the player can find one in Martha's Swain, east of Three Sisters (Chapter 3 only).
  • Pearson: He wants a rabbit, which can be found almost anywhere in the wilderness. Completing the request rewards the player with a unique blue denim scouting jacket. The request is very rare and is typically only available in Chapter 2.
  • Pearson (only while playing poker with him): He wants a naval compass; the player can find one at Braithwaite Manor in the boathouse or in the lockbox of Ashton's stagecoach during "Fatherhood and Other Dreams" (Chapter 2 only).
  • Sadie: She wants a harmonica; the player can find one on the shelf of the hut in Granger's Hoggery (complete quest "Further Questions of Female Suffrage,” Chapters 3 & 4 only).
  • Sean: He wants Kentucky bourbon, which can be purchased at any general store or found out in the world (Chapters 2 & 3 only).
  • Susan: She wants two pieces of oregano, which can be commonly found in grasslands across the map.
  • Tilly (only while playing dominoes with her): She wants a necklace. The player can find necklaces in homesteads or from looting enemy corpses (Chapter 3 only).
  • Uncle: Asks John for the following ingredients; Kentucky bourbon, milkweed, peppermint, pomade, and a dead skunk. John will receive a set of clothes and some Honor if he fulfills the request (Second epilogue chapter only).


  • Funny enough, the name of this trophy is what Arthur says in "A Strange Kindness,” where he complains about how he needs to do everything for the gang.
  • Certain gang members will leave provisions for Arthur at his wagon after he gives them their requested item (for example, Hosea gives potent predator bait and Sadie gives gun oil). These items will periodically respawn, even if the gang member providing them is deceased.

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