That damn Bollard gang's causing us no end of problems 'round here!

Errol Hewitt

Errol Hewitt is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Errol Hewitt is a farmer who is having trouble protecting his family's livestock from rustlers. He has a relative, Dorothy Hewitt, buried in Odd Fellow's Rest.


When Marston enters the Pike's Basin gang hideout, he finds Errol hiding behind a rock. He tells Marston that the Bollard Twins Gang have taken his family's cattle and he must get them back. He and Marston fight their way through the canyon to the holding pen. Errol herds the cattle out of the canyon with his horse while Marston clears the way, and he successfully retrieves his cattle and returns them to his farm.

Errol plays a minor role in the mission "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit", in which he is among the crowd that gathers around Nigel West Dickens. Eventually, he is convinced and purchases some of West Dickens' miracle tonic.

He can also be encountered playing Five Finger Fillet in Thieves' Landing, or a variety of odd jobs at MacFarlane's Ranch and Pacific Union Railroad Camp.


I sure could use some help, partner! Name's Errol Hewitt. The damn Bollard gang's stolen my family's herd! I gotta get 'em back, they're all I got!
Errol Hewitt requesting Marston's help
You clear the way, I'll follow you out with the herd!
Errol Hewitt, upon reaching his cattle



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