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Marston approaches an elderly woman requesting an escort

Escort Missions are randomly generated ambient Activities that occur in the wilderness during player travel.

When approached, the stranger will explain they are stranded, unarmed and require an escort to evade thieves and bandits. Upon accepting the escort mission request, the stranger will ride behind Marston on his horse. The player will then need to proceed to the indicated destination while protecting the stranger from armed antagonists.

Occasionally when approaching what appears to be a stranded stranger, the scenario reveals itself to be a trap, with bandits or outlaws hiding nearby to ambush. You can tell the difference between this and an Escort Mission because there is a stagecoach, not a broken down wagon, with a prostitute calling for help or person completely alone asking for a ride.

Tips and Tricks

These opportunities to secure reward are not without risk. Escort missions may turn out to be ambushes targeting Marston. The player will then get to decide how to respond to the ambush, either fleeing or killing the bandits.

Alternatively, the NPC being escorted may push Marston from his mount and attempt to steal the horse. Players can then actively decided how to respond; with clemency or violent retaliation. Also, in this case, whistling sometimes will cause the horse to throw off the would-be thief and return to the player.

Another possible encounter is where Marston happens upon a bounty hunter who has captured two criminals. He asks Marston to take the second bounty into town as he can only fit one onto his horse. Marston then takes the criminal to the nearest jail. Upon turning in the criminal Marston will receive his reward.