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Etta Buckley is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



At some point, Etta gave birth to a girl, whom she named Meredith. By 1899, she and her daughter reside in one of the mining cottages in Annesburg. The game's credits explicitly refer to "Meredith's Mother" as "A Miner's Wife" revealing that her husband is or was a miner in Annesburg.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

At some point in 1899, Meredith and a handful of others were kidnapped by a gang known as the Murfree Brood. During a few days, Meredith was locked in a cramped metal cage in Beaver Hollow, the Murfree Brood's main hideout.

Arthur Morgan and Charles Smith are sent by Dutch van der Linde to rid Beaver Hollow of the Murfree Brood, so that the gang can camp there in order to escape the Pinkertons. After killing the inhabitants of Beaver Hollow, the two find a traumatized Meredith trapped in the cage. Arthur assures Meredith they mean no harm, and, after she calms down, Arthur takes her back to her home in Annesburg.

Etta is tremendously thankful to Arthur for bringing her daughter back to her, and offers him a cash reward for his heroic act, which the player can either accept or decline.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2



Etta has green eyes and a black head of hair, which is tied into a bun. She appears to be quite old, as many wrinkles on her face and a few streaks of grey hair can be seen. She wears a checkered, dark teal frock with a white apron tied around the waist.