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Etta Doyle is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Etta Doyle was born circa 1858. She is an outlaw wanted for train and coach robbery. Doyle is the leader of a gang of women known for terrorizing trains and coaches. She is identified by a scar on her right cheek obtained during a knife fight. She has been seen in the proximity of Saint Denis, and is considered as "extremely dangerous".

Events of Red Dead Online

The player must hide in the Cornwall Co. freight yard in Saint Denis and await for her and her gang to arrive, find her and then capture her for a reward.


  • Etta Doyle might be a reference to Etta Place, lover of the Sundance Kid, who was a famous member of the real-life outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch.
  • During the five star difficulty, Etta's gang will not show up on the map, making ambushes and attacks more dangerous.