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Etta Doyle is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Born in 1858, Etta Doyle's past is largely unknown except for her former marriage, where she bore the surname of La Perle. An infamous killer, brigand, and thief, her gang is composed entirely of "fallen" women such as ex-prostitutes, all of whom are skilled shots and expert riders. Doyle is known to force all of her cohorts to dress in the same outfit of trousers, a shirt, neckerchief, hat, and suspenders, making it difficult for lawmen and bounty hunters to identify her. According to her bounty poster, Doyle is currently wanted for organizing a series of high stakes train and stagecoach robberies.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player, upon purchasing a bounty hunter's license, must go to the Cornwall Co. freight yard in Saint Denis, where two armed guards will inform them that a trap has been set for Doyle's gang and that Doyle herself can be identified by a large knife scar on her right cheek. Once the gang arrives, the guards will be knocked out, and the gang members will start to search for loot until Doyle gets suspicious and orders them to leave. If the player is discovered, Doyle will try to flee on horseback while her gang covers her. Once captured, she will threaten the player, saying that no jail can hold her, and swears to take revenge once she gets out.


  • Etta Doyle might be a reference to Etta Place, lover of the Sundance Kid, who was a famous member of the real-life outlaw gang, the Wild Bunch.
  • During the five-star difficulty, Etta's gang will not show up on the map, making ambushes and attacks more dangerous.