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Dutch van der Linde reading a passage from Mr. Miller

Evelyn Miller is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Evelyn Miller is a famous author who is admired by Dutch van der Linde. Previously, he taught at Princeton University.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Evelyn Miller is first seen and interacted with in the mission "The Gilded Cage", talking with Henri Lemieux and other guests at Angelo Bronte's party. Arthur later meets Miller and is introduced to Rains Fall and his son, Eagle Flies. Miller asks Arthur to steal documents from Leviticus Cornwall's refinery to prevent the Natives to relocate.

Several years later, John Marston can buy a newspaper article that reveals that he has resigned from his position. Later, he meets him atop a mountain in West Elizabeth. He is seen writing a draft for a new book, and the two spark conversation. Evelyn tells John to meet him at his cabin near Tanner's Reach.

When John goes to Miller's cabin, he takes him to the campsite of a group of hunters who have been hunting animals for sport. Miller antagonizes the group, but is then punched in the face. A brawl ensues, and the hunters are defeated. Miller then thanks John and returns to his cabin.

As John shows up again, it is revealed Evelyn has locked himself in his cabin, stating he won't eat, drink or leave until his draft is complete. John decides to help Miller by leaving food at his cabin door.

The third time John returns, he smells an awful stench. He breaks into the cabin to find the corpse of a deceased Miller. After taking his book, John reads Miller's last request, stating he wants his corpse to be burned rather than buried; he justifies this by saying he wishes to 'soar in the air with the eagles,' rather than 'rot in the ground with the worms.' John proceeds to fulfil his request and burns Evelyn's curtains, which, in turn, set the rest of the cabin ablaze.


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