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Ewing Basin is an abandoned mining facility in Red Dead Redemption 2, in the Grizzlies West region of the Ambarino territory. It serves as a gang hideout in Red Dead Online.

It is located southwest of Lake Isabella and due west of Mount Hagen.


This abandoned mining camp is situated at the base of Mount Hagen in southwestern Ambarino. It first makes an appearance in the mission "Old Friends", where it serves as a camp for the O'Driscoll Boys.

Overall, the facility is very derelict and run-down, with almost every structure in ruins. The walls have large gaps in between the wooden planks, and the wood itself appears rotten and worn.

A few buildings are completely destroyed, having huge sections of their frame now reduced to rubble on the ground. As the area is snowy, and every building present has a thick blanket of snow and icicles upon it, the reason for the poor condition and abandonment of the camp may have been an avalanche.

The camp consists of numerous single-room shacks, a water tower, a storage shelter and two larger structures. Two monorails are present, and they run through the two larger buildings at the south of the facility. Scattered around the camp are disused mine-carts, wagons, boxes, crates, logs, wooden planks and small sections of the decrepit buildings. To the east of the camp is a small corral, surrounded by a run-down wooden fence. Littered around the area are a few wooden outhouses.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • A money clip can be found inside the drawer of a nightstand in one of the houses.
  • A Throwing Knife can be found inside the shack to the southeast.
  • A cheat code can be found in one of the drawers inside one of the houses.