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Seth Briars

Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies is the thirteenth mission in Red Dead Redemption.

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John Marston meets Seth Briars in the cemetery of Coot's Chapel exhuming bodies, particularly the one of Josephine Byrd, looking for valuables. Seth reveals that his partner has the other half of his treasure map. They travel to Benedict Point and Seth needs John to lure two deputies away from the jail, so Seth can break in and get to his old friend, Moses Forth.


Mission Prerequisites

Before this mission becomes available, the player must complete:

Mission Objectives

To complete this mission, the player must:

Mission Description

When this mission starts, all the player needs to do is to ride to Benedict Point with Seth where he will instruct the player to steal one of the lawman's horses (you could also just walk up to the lawmen and the game will consider it trespassing). Simply do so and evade the pursuing lawmen. This is best done by using the roads to gain speed and then lose them in the wilderness.

After completion of the mission, Seth will award you with a pardon letter to use to clear your bounty. (Tip: Pay cash and keep the pardon letter to get a free pardon letter.)

Mission Dialogues

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Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assaults, kills or abandons Seth.
  • Kills his own or Seth's horse.
  • Kills the deputies or their horses.
  • Gets caught by the deputies.
  • Kills Moses.
  • Allows Moses to escape.
  • Breaks the law.
  • Kills a dog.
  • Commits vandalism.
  • Assaults or kills townsfolk.
  • Dies.
  • Moving too far from Seth.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fastest Time: 6:00

New Game Elements Introduced

  • Wanted levels and bounties
  • Hogtying a captive

Mission Complete Unlockables


  • Sometimes, after stealing the lawman's horse, the player will not receive a bounty. Even after committing multiple crimes in the vicinity of the lawmen, they pay no attention. This can be fixed by restarting the mission.
  • Sometimes during the cutscene, when it zooms in on the shack, Moses can be seen standing in the doorway and the lawmen are gone. Skipping the cutscene will correct this glitch.


  • At the point in the mission where stealing the deputy's horse is required, the player can walk to the back of the shack where Moses is and kill him. This will not register as killing him but will put a bounty on the player's head as if the horse had been taken. The mission will continue as normal.
  • When Seth gives the player the Pardon Letter and walks inside the Telegraph Office, the player can either kill or untie Moses. Sometimes when shooting Moses in the head, he will stop squirming for a moment, and then resume as though nothing had happened; it takes a second or third shot to finish him off.
  • Oddly, Seth will not die if the player shoots him at the start of the mission, he will just stand up and run away.
  • If you fail the horse ride too many times, at one point Seth will start talking about how the last thing he ate was a crow, and that it tasted just like a pig his dad killed when he was a child.


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Completing this mission contributes toward the following Trophy/Achievement:

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.
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