It's a map. A man in a bar gave it to me... Well, I stole it from him, but that's another story.
Hosea Matthews giving Arthur Morgan the legendary animals map.

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

After spotting a huge bear up by the Dakota River, Hosea and Arthur ride out and track it.


Hosea tells Arthur in camp he plans on going hunting. Arthur agrees to go with him, and the two decide to take a horse to Valentine to sell. After Arthur sells the horse, he can buy a new horse. Arthur and Hosea then set out for Grizzlies East, where a Legendary Bear is located. On the way, the two make camp and cook rabbit. In the morning, Arthur crafts bait, and the two set out. After reaching their location, Arthur tracks the bear to a small area in between two large rock formations. The trail ends, and they set the bait. When the bear doesn't appear, they check it, but the bear appears in front of them. Arthur shoots the bear multiple times with his revolver, and it flees. After checking on Hosea, Hosea states that he's heading back to camp. Arthur can decide if he wants to stay or go back to camp with Hosea.


Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego/dialogues

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Track the bear within 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Shoot the bear at least 6 times.
  • Complete within 12 minutes.

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego/dialogues


  • If the player stays behind, this can be an easy way to kill the legendary bear without having to locate it outside of a mission. The Trapper is nearby, and the player can have some money early in the game by selling the bear's skin.
  • This mission adds the grill to the player inventory which then can be used for seasoning meat at campsites. Before this mission the only way to season meat such as thyme big game is to use the scout campsite at the main gang camp at Horshoe Overlook.
  • The title of this mission is a reference to the play The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. In the play, a character is chased offstage after the stage direction "Exit, pursued by a bear".
  • It is not possible to permanently kill the bear during the mission. If it is killed, it disappears after the confrontation when the final cutscene with Hosea starts.
  • If Arthur has an off-hand holster, it disappears during the cut scenes, although the off-hand holster weapon is the one that Arthur draws during the confrontation with the bear.
  • After this mission, Hosea will disappear from camp until "The Spines of America" is complete. Grimshaw may notify Arthur that he wants the latter to meet him at Emerald Ranch. If the Arthur returns to camp with Hosea, Hosea will also state that he is going to Emerald Ranch.

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