Experience is an a representation of a player's previous involvement in multiplayer game modes. Experience is earned by completing specific tasks, and these experience points (commonly abbreviated to XP) will allow the player level up. As the player levels up, they will unlock specific item upgrades, including; horses, weapons, characters appearance and titles. There are a total of 300 online levels to achieve.

Earning Experience

There are many ways for a player to receive online experience:

XP Level

There are 50 titles rewarded for each of the levels you can gain.

Title Level
Greenhorn Level 1
Dude Level 2
Pilgrim Level 3
Tenderfoot Level 4
Colt Level 5
Mail-order Cowboy Level 6
Pistol Level 7
Shorthorn Level 8
Gringo Level 9
Journeyman Level 10
Cowboy Level 11
Wrangler Level 12
Burro Level 13
Frontiersman Level 14
Gristle Heel Level 15
Forty-niner Level 16
Old Timer Level 17
Longhorn Level 18
Old Hand Level 19
Rustler Level 20
Outlaw Level 21
Gunslinger Level 22
Shootist Level 23
Quick Draw Level 24
Gun Shark Level 25
Badman Level 26
Long Raider Level 27
Cabron Level 28
Road Agent Level 29
Hold-up Man Level 30
Bandito Level 31
Short-trigger man Level 32
Hired Killer Level 33
Mercenary Level 34
Deputized Level 35
Ranger Level 36
Marshal Level 37
Judge & Jury Level 38
El Capitan Level 39
Colonel Level 40
General Level 41
El Jefe Level 42
Searcher Level 43
The Kid Level 44
The Duke Level 45
The Ugly Level 46
The Bad Level 47
The Good Level 48
The Unforgiven Level 49
The Legend Level 50


Accumulating experience is involved with a gameplay achievement:

20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Silver silverSilver
Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience.
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