Expert Mode is the hardest difficulty level available to the player in Red Dead Redemption. The mode removes all forms of auto-aim from the game, making targeting much more difficult.

This mode appears in both the game's singleplayer modes and multiplayer modes.

The mode is enabled by hitting Pause - Options - Configuration and then 'Singleplayer targeting mode' or 'Multiplayer targeting mode'. Players earn 100 bonus XP when completing gang hideouts with expert targeting enabled.

In multiplayer, expert targeting mode is set for all players in the following game modes: Hardcore Free Roam, all Hardcore and Veteran game modes and playlists, Advanced co-op missions, and Grand Prix races.


  • When getting a kill while using expert mode in Free Roam, it says the player expertly [random kill ticker] [player].
  • Snagging a headshot in expert mode while playing singleplayer earns the trophy/achievement "The Gunslinger".
  • Expert targeting mode also is useful when having to aim precisely while having to dodge (or let go of the aim button), to avoid locking on to the nearest, possibly incorrect, target. This also applies to areas with many enemies close together where auto-targeting might switch between enemies making kills harder.
  • In multiplayer, players cannot lock onto members of their Posse.
  • In multiplayer, players cannot lock onto human players in an active Gang Hideout.
  • The Explosive Rifle and sniper rifles are on permanent Expert Mode.
  • The Legendary Marksman Challenge requires expert targeting to be enabled throughout the challenge.


5 gamerscoreGamerscore
Silver silverSilver
Get a headshot while in Expert Mode in Singleplayer.
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