Explosive Rounds are an ammo type found in the Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats and Undead Nightmare DLC packs.


Explosive Rounds are a devastating type of ammunition fired from the Explosive Rifle. The explosive force is so powerful that a direct hit will atomize an enemy.

Single Player

Due to the large amount of destruction these rounds can do, they're priced higher than most other conventional ammunition and are only available for purchase at Gunsmiths and not General Stores. Each box of ammo costs $10 and contains only one Explosive Round.

If the player completes all of the Single Player challenges for the Explosive Rifle, the price of the ammo will be reduced 50%, making each box cost only $5. If the player is also wearing the Savvy Merchant Outfit, the reduced price will be cut in half yet again, making each box cost only $3.


Seven additional multiplayer gang hideouts are provided in the Liars and Cheats DLC pack:

The player with the highest score at the end of any of these will have the ability to pick up an Explosive Rifle from a chest that will appear in the hideout. The weapon is limited to 5 Explosive Rounds and more ammo can only be obtained by opening another Explosive Rifle chest.

After obtaining the Explosive Rifle in a multiplayer free roam it can be used on other players. Doing so will take away all weapons that the player has not earned at their current rank. Example: weapons picked up from other players dropping them or weapons obtained during gang hideouts.

In friendly free roam, a player can become damaged and knocked over but never killed, after an update.


  • While all other boxes of ammo have the "A" capitalized (i.e Rifle Ammo, Pistol Ammo), the a in "Explosive Ammo" is lower case, so it shows as "Explosive ammo" instead.
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