Red Dead Redemption
achievement and trophy

Exquisite Taste
Rdr exquisite tastes icon
Description Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.
Gamer Score 10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzeBronze
Rdr exquisite tastes

Exquisite Taste is a gameplay achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption.


"Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith."

List of Weapons

The following Rare Weapons qualify for this achievement. Visit the Gunsmith in the indicated settlement to purchase the weapon.


The Rockstar Social Club website states that: "The five weapons that make up this category are known to be some of the deadliest a man can possess. John Marston doesn't happen upon many of these weapons until very late in the game, but when they do show up you will be happy to have them at your side. Each of these weapons can be purchased at various Gunsmiths for what will be a reasonable price."

Accumulating an arsenal of this caliber will significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to take down enemies.


  • The weapon in the picture appears to be a suppressed Volcanic Pistol; however, the Volcanic Pistol is not one of the weapons that earn the player the achievement.
  • Even though the Evans Repeater and the Semi-auto Shotgun are considered rare weapons, they are actually fairly common among some gangs.

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